16-18 Young People's Application Form

Please use this form if you are aged 16-18 applying for a course or Apprenticeship at Bolton College.
We will contact you by text/email with an interview date so it is important that you enter your mobile number and email address carefully.

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Equality Monitoring - Why do we need this information?

The information requested below helps the College to become better informed and more responsive to student needs. It tells the College where to direct its support and services, and shows us if certain people aren't making use of our College and its resources.

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Once we have received your application form, we will contact you by text with an interview date. This will normally be within 15 working days of Admissions receiving your application form.

We will contact you by text and email. Please make sure your mobile number and email address are kept up-to-date.

Data protection statement
We understand that some people worry about giving information in case it should fall into the wrong hands. There are very strict laws to make sure that we protect these details and deal with them responsibly. The personal information you provide about your gender, ethnic origin and disability / learning difficulty will not be shared with other organisations so that you can be personally identified - It's for our statistics only. The personal information you provide in the application proccess and the results of the selection proccess within Bolton College may be shared with other partner organisations for purposes relating to education, training or careers guidance as well as for statistical and research purposes.